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At Dignitas, we understand the complexity of wealth and the dynamics of life. It is a multi-faceted perspective - one which we see from all angles. It takes a dynamic assessment and a pro-active strategy to optimize this concert, Dignitas helps preserve and grow wealth while simplifying life’s orchestra. Dignitas is an exclusive advisor that is redefining the parameters of a multi-family office by offering a diverse array of life management and high-end concierge services. We are a full service practic...

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The Internship is project based, we want to expose interns to what they want to be exposed to. We work with a small team to deliver corporate services. We are always looking for funding for our small family approach including larger corporate funding and stock options. We will provide exposure to tracking media leads, bond deals, stock movement, capital marketings, researching news worthy items, balance sheets, income statements and other investment services.We'd like to see candidates who are interested...

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